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About Us

This is the website of the Jedi Society. We are based in New Zealand, but are global, galactic and inter-galactic in outlook.

The Society was created to provide Jedi training, establish the Jedi community and assist with being at one with the Force.

The Society welcomes new members who want to follow the path of the Jedi.

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A Forum has been created. Here's the link:

Please join in and help make a Jedi Society online community! Hopefully it will stand up against online threats and risks.

NEWS TO HAND: The first attempt at the forum was a fail. The site was overwhelmed with spam. Over 600 registrations in 2 days. Now a request of why you would like to be join has been installed. If you have registered recently you will need to re-register. Apologies for this issue. Hopefully this will be the final upgrade required. All the time learning, and learning by doing.

Community Activities

A big shout out to You! Thanks for visiting! There is much to learn about the Jedi path.

Check out this message that was received. Well worth a read.

Check out the links. Some more places with Jedi resources.

How is your meditation going? You know as Jedi we need to meditate. Here's a resource that can help.

The Jedi Society presents:

The Jedi Nation Project

A campaign to boost the number of New Zealanders who declare they are Jedi in the 2018 Census. For many, a declaration of being Jedi is the first step of following the Jedi path. The Census takes place in March 2018.

You can help spread the word of the Jedi. Here is a PDF file that help. The more that know the more about the Jedi path, the more New Zealand will become a Jedi Nation!

In the mean time, here's a video: